A Solution for High Quality, Nutritious Meals

Food service programs are charged with providing tasteful, nutritious food in a cost effective manner. Many programs are experiencing challenges that include changes in the nutritional standards and the need for staff training, demand from public health advocates to solve the obesity crisis and the difficulty in maintaining a profitable program.  In order to provide healthier meals, food service directors are faced with not only changing procurement decisions and practices, but also challenged to transform a culture accustomed to processed, quick serve meals.  The culture shift must begin with their own staff teams to provide the proper training in healthier cooking techniques and promotion of healthier foods.

Most organizations do not have the funds for an in-house trainer and many have limited funds for training in general.  Culinary Partners was created to meet the purchasing, training, support, needs for food service programs. Food service programs all have common goals:

  • To serve heathy, nutritious meals
  • To maintain financial stability by following sound business practices
  • To provide training and education to food service employees to meet the goals of serving healthy and nutritious meals

Culinary Partners can assist in reaching these goals by cultivating a forum for collaborative learning and sharing among partners.  The organization will use the expertise of its partners to assist each other in creating methods that will lead to success.

As the obesity crisis grows and health care cost soar, healthier meals have become a focal point as a potential lever to reverse the trend through changes to diet, increase in physical activity and education for clients.  Culinary Partners aims to become a central partner in this movement by equipping food service programs to play a key role in the culture shift that is needed within communities.