Support and Training

Culinary Training – Teaching methods to enhance the flavor of nutritious foods. This Class is four sessions and can be taught as one or separately. Each session is two hours. Cost for each session will be $2,000 for 20 participants. Location will be required to provide equipment and food. A 15% discount will be applied if two or more sessions are requested.


  • KNIFE SKILLS – This session teaches participants the proper way to use knives to prevent injury and properly cut fruits and vegetables to obtain the maximum amount of product.
  • HERBS AND SPICES – Enhance the flavor of food using herbs and spices rather than fats, salt, and oils.
  • SOUP, VEGETABLES, AND SALADS – Create recipes using fresh fruits and vegetables that will enhance the flavor using herbs and spices.
  • ENTREES AND PASTA – Training will consist of training participants to properly cook products and experiment with new recipes that customers will enjoy.


Employee Training – Topics that effect the daily work day, such as; working smarter, line set-up, and customer service. Cost will vary depending on the number of classes required.

Food Safety Training – (HACCP, Serv-Safe) – Meet the requirements of USDA and keep your customers safe by training employees in proper food safety. Cost per person is $100 and includes all materials. Course size limited to 25.

Marketing – Entice customers to dine with you and influence their choices. This 1.5 hour course will teach marketing techniques to increase sales and have participants create a marketing plan for their own operation. Cost is $2,000 with class size limited to 20.

Improve Profitability – Let our experts analyze your costs to see where you can save money and improve your bottom line. Cost will vary depending on the scope of work.

Facility Assessments – Our experts can analyze your facilities to see where there may be safety issues and if your equipment is operating efficiently. While on-site, we will work with employees to answer questions regarding operation of equipment and evaluate any practices that may affect safety of the kitchen. Cost will vary depending on scope of work.

Facility Design – Building a new kitchen but not sure how to make sure it will be completed to your specifications? We can help. Our experienced staff has designed and written specifications for new facilities  and those just being updated. Cost will vary depending on the scope of work.